We build warmer, healthier, and more efficient townhouses than any other developer in New Zealand

Without the million dollar price tag

Discover all the features and options you get in a Nest home that you’d only expect to see in million dollar properties.

Some of our owners never need to heat their home – even in the middle of a Christchurch winter!

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Current Builds
44 Peverel Street, Riccarton
Current Builds
28 Peverel Street, Riccarton
Current Builds
46 Peverel Street, Riccarton
Past Projects
9 Poulson Street, Riccarton
Past Projects
88 Poulson Street, Addington
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Learn more about the Super Home movement here in New Zealand.

It’s all about building better houses for our people, our environment, and our future.

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when new Nest homes are available